Hand made cards by Adelle and Lorelei

Now that Adelle (my two-year-old) has an easel and paint and markers, we are using a lot of paper in our house. She loves to make art and I love watching her attack the paper with total confidence and absolutely no plan. Kids really do live in the moment and I envy that.

So after Adelle finished her first pad of paper I started to leaf through the artwork to see what pieces would be saved. I’m trying not to save everything, so there was a lot left over. But rather than throwing it away I decided to use the artwork to make cards. We always need a Thank you card or a Birthday card. And these will be personalized, home made cards. A nice mother/daughter collaboration.

Now, the easiest way to do this is to merely cut up the artwork so that a folded piece will fit into whatever size envelope you have. I did this for a few cards earlier this year. Then I saw a box sitting on my desk collecting dust. It was a box of stationary that my parents gave me as a souvenir from their trip to Italy a few years ago. It is simply cream white paper with matching envelopes. (Amatruda – La Carta di Amalfi). Talk about taking the craft project up a notch!

A soft colored thread helps it blend. This way the imperfect stitching is less noticable.

I used a piece of the stationery to measure the artwork and cut out the pieces. I was not trying to be exact. I figured that some imperfections will add to the charm of the piece, and I really do not have much time these days. So I just held the piece of stationery over Adelle’s artwork and cut, without cutting any of the stationery paper. Then I folded each piece separately. Once they were folded, I put the nice stationery inside the folded artwork. Then I took a needle and thread and sewed them together. Again, this was not perfect. I am contemplating trying to improve my needle work, but it is not necessary. The artwork on the outside is so beautiful that the needle work does not draw attention. That said, nice needlework would take it up even another notch…

Card for Uncle Bill


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  1. Great idea!! Wish I had thought to do that with the thousands masterpieces my children created:)